9 Reasons to Choose Cloud9


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The cloud is ready for you now. If you were to build a solution in-house, it could take weeks to set up.
A small monthly fee covers the services. There is no business risk associated with up-front investment in servers and networking equipment.
Your data and applications are hosted in the cloud—you can access them from anywhere. All you need is a device with Internet access.
With reliable access to files and applications from anywhere and no downtime due to redundancies, you can work more efficiently.
The cloud provides the latest virus protection, daily back ups of data and built-in disaster recovery.
It’s easy to add or remove applications in the Cloud. Find what works best for your company, risk-free.
Your IT staff can concentrate on business-building objectives—not maintaining and troubleshooting
The monthly fee is set and reliable. No surprise costs to upgrade or fix expensive equipment.
From any device, wherever you are, experience the same interface, speed and security.